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    IT Infrastructure Design and Management

    -Electronic commutation and Unified Messaging Solution

    -Storage and Data Archive Solution

    - System and Network Security Design

    - Business continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning (On-premises and Off-Site Hosting)

    - Network Access Control and Endpoint Security Solution

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    Proactive System Support and Outsourcing Service

    With our team of experienced engineers, we provide maintenance and Front End helpdesk support service to minimize the interruption of business operation caused by system failure.

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    Managed IT Services

    - IT Assets Management

    - Remote Network Monitor

    - Software Compliances Management

    - IT HelpDesk

    - Hosting Service: On-Net::BACKUP

    - Hosting Service: On-Net Monitor::FortiGate (Analyzer)

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    One-Stop Infrastructure Services

    - IT Restacks and Relocation

    - Video Conference Systems

    - IT Facilities Rental Services

    - Structural Cabling


Diversified Deployment

- On-premises

- IT Rental Service

- Hosted / SaaS Service

- Hybrid Model


Core Service

- IT Infrastructure Design and Management

- Proactive System Support and Outsourcing Service

- Managed IT Services

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Our Team

Our IT support team compromised by team of professional engineers who have extensive experience in IT System and network. They are always capable to deliver cost effective , Professional IT solution  and service to our client to support and enhance the business performance.

About On-Net

On-Net Service Technology Limited (On-Net) was founded in 1999 (previously known as Oasis System Technology) a One-Stop IT Solution Provider based in Hong Kong. Our experienced IT professionals will help you out in finding the best solution that suits your business needs. We evaluate and suggest alternatives so as to ensure the most effective deployment of resources and maximizing opportunities. We have profound knowledge in IT projects for numerous local and multi-national companies, from evaluation, consulting, planning, migration, implementation, training to maintenance and on-site support Read More.

Strategic Partner of Multi-National Organization -

With excellence business environment in HK, the no. of foreign company’s setup office in HK is keep growing. We are experienced to work with multi-national client who had setup regional office at HK and act as the local IT strategic partner to cooperate with the IT team at foreign headquarter in different countries including: Singapore, USA and Switzerland. At the meantime, we also provides supporting service for client office in Mainland China e.g. Guangdong, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing. Read More